Age 0-4 Sound Beginnings


Sound Beginnings classes are 30-minute classes, held once a week. Parents attend every class.  


Full set: $42.50 includes student tote bag, student workbook, semester instrument, semester album (designed for families new to the SB program)

Semester set: $35.00 includes student workbook, semester instrument, semester album (designed for families who have enrolled in a previous semester, and are now enrolling in a new semester for the first time)

Sibling set: $21.00 includes student workbook, semester instrument (designed for families who have enrolled in a particular semester prior to the current enrollment and, therefore, do not need the album )

Parents may also add additional items as they see fit. If they purchase at the same time as enrollment, the individual items cost:
Tote: $7.50
Instrument $6.00
Album $14.00
Workbook $15.00

When enrolling an infant, parents may choose the option "no materials needed" from the drop down menu. They may still be required to put in credit card information, but it will not add a charge for this option. If enrolling after the teacher ship date, the system will automatically charge a $5 late fee. Contact the office to get this fee removed for any additional siblings ( 1 late fee will be charged per family enrolling after the ship date).


Tuition is set per semester

♪ Tuition is  $200/semester (or $55/ month over 4 months) for a single child family. $10/month for each additional sibling from the same family attending 

Summer 8 Week Mini Session

Sound Beginnings - Sand and Sea (May 7 - June 25)

Ages 0-4

 Tues. @ 11:00am - 7 spots

Fall 2024

Sound Beginnings - Brown Teddy Bears

Tues. @ 11:00am - 5 spots

Tues. @ 1:00pm - 6 spots

(If you see a class that you’d like to register for, please contact me to be added to the waitlist).


Semester Themes & Instruments:

♪ Each semester is 15 weeks. Classes are 30 minutes weekly.

Fall 2021: Brown Teddy Bears: The themes for this semester include bears, weather, seasons, zoo animals, bees and colors, The semester instrument is rhythm sticks.    

Winter 2022: Pink Piggies: The themes for this semester include pigs, money/ coinage, Spanish, farm animals, dogs. The semester instrument is maracas.

Fall 2022 White Horses: The themes for this semester include horses/ western theme, colors, vowels, parts of the body, apples. The semester instrument is wrist bells. 

Winter 2023 Silver Buttons: The themes for this semester include buttons, elephants, French, shapes, water/ river, and friendship. The semester instrument in the triangle 

Fall 2023 Black Spiders: The themes for this semester include spiders, transportation, manners, and opposites. The semester instrument is the tambourine.    

Winter 2024 Gold Starts: The themes for this semester include space/ stars, Chinese, traveling, telling time. The semester instrument is finger cymbals.