SO....your kid wants to learn the ukulele??

The ukulele is a simple enough instrument that you probably don’t want to invest in private lessons, at least initially. 

With my 5 day course, you will get:

  • Five - 45 minute age appropriate lessons in a class room setting.

  • Printed song and workbook

  • Color-coded chords with gradually increasing difficultly featuring simple songs!

  • Prerequisites: None! ZERO experience needed.

An adult with zero musical experience can help kids ages 4+ get started on the ukulele. No experience needed. No fancy equipment needed. Just a ukulele! 

The student will be introduced to color-coded songs with increasing difficulty featuring  chords & simple strums. These songs have been carefully selected and tested to make sure kids can grasp them quickly. 

Finally, there’s nothing more important than kids having a successful and positive experience when learning a new instrument. THAT is the goal of all my music classes!

What’s the right age for kids to start? Every music teacher feels differently about this (and that’s OKAY!). If a child is interested and excited, I start introducing it as early as age 4, understanding that the method will be very relaxed and focused on building a positive musical experience. This curriculum is perfect for kids aged 4 – 10! The younger kids might only get the first few chords mastered and can revisit the more complicated chords later!

What about older kids and adults wanting to learn to play?  Will this still work? Sure! The techniques and methods are absolutely applicable to older kids and adults. The songs are geared towards younger kids (nursery rhymes, etc.), but it would be a great crash course for adults and older kids wanting to learn!  

How quickly do you introduce new chords? With the first couple of chords, we’re introducing the idea of strumming, harmonic structure (where do you change chords and how long to you play each one), and changing between chords. Once those ideas are mastered on the more simple chords, I start introducing chords more quickly. In total, 6 chords are introduced and that gives ukulele players the ability to play thousands of songs. (Seriously!)


Holiday Ukulele (classes 45 minutes)

December 13-15 (must sign up for all 4 days)

2 of 10 spots available

Tuesday 3:45-4:30pm

Wednesday 3:45-4:30pm

Thursday 4:45-5:30pm 

Friday 3:45-4:30pm

Summer Ukulele (classes 45 minutes)

2023 dates TBD